Jessica Betts

​​​​​​Reiki Master

Reiki Master Teacher

The final level of Reiki study is an apprenticeship to become a Master Teacher. This is a time to take a profound look within oneself, clear out internal “clutter” and step firmly into the energy of teaching others this beautiful healing, spiritual practice. It is enlightening and deeply rewarding both for student and teacher.   
This is a journey of at least six months with one's teacher to learn the Master Teacher symbol, the attunement process, how to instruct each level of Reiki, a branch of Reiki that interests the student, but most importantly is a time of great spiritual growth and development. 

Class meets 4-6 hours per month, plus students assist in one class at each level of Reiki instruction.   

All classes are held at my office.  

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Reiki II

​​​​Reiki Master Teacher

The Reiki Master level of study introduces and instructs the student in the use of the Usui Master symbol, the Tibetan Master symbol, constructing Reiki healing crystal grids for sending continuous Reiki, the use of the ancient Antahkarana for deepening meditations and one's Reiki practice, biofield clearing, and many techniques for a more concentrated focus of energy for self & client treatments. This level takes a deeper look into oneself and strengthens the importance of living a Reiki-filled life. One attunement, a certificate of completion, and useful manual are given after completion of this two-day class. Readiness for the Reiki Master Teacher level of study is decided upon by student and teacher. 

First degree Reiki teaches the history of Reiki, the 12-traditional hand positions for self-care & treatment of others, the five guiding principles Mikao Usui taught, the many benefits of Reiki for everyday life, and much more. The student receives one powerful attunement, a certificate of completion and helpful manual.

Students are strongly urged to perform daily self-treatment to build a firm foundation for their Reiki practice and become comfortable with the new vibration. Students are asked to attend at least one Reiki share within the first three months after completion of Reiki I. Classes are one full day and students must wait a minimum of three months before advancing on to Reiki II, although Reiki I is all that is needed to begin the lifelong practice of Reiki.

Reiki I

​The second level of Reiki study introduces the student to three powerful symbols which enhance one's Reiki practice through amplifying the vibrational flow of Ki, accessing the mental and emotional bodies for deep healing, and sending Reiki to others when they are physically not present or when touch is not possible. The symbols are tools which strongly benefit oneself, family, friends and clients s/he may work with. One attunement, certificate of completion and useful manual are included in this one day course.

A minimum three month practice period, daily self-Reiki, use of these three Reiki symbols, and attendance at a Reiki share are strongly suggested before advancing to the next level of study.