Jessica Betts

Chair & Group Reiki sessions

When time is short or lying down is uncomfortable or not possible, chair Reiki is the solution. Perfect for office and public settings, it provides a modified, but concentrated treatment that still lends all of the benefits of a table session in just 20 minutes. 

Reiki is a also a welcome addition to any gathering, corporate retreat or party. Offer guests half or full hour sessions and add relaxation to your next successful function!

Reiki Master Teacher

​A Reiki session can be done anywhere! No special equipment, ambiance or planning are needed for Reiki to be effective and blissful. I offer clients a peaceful escape lying fully clothed and covered on a comfortable massage table. I hover or gently place my hands on the body at various points. You may experience a sense of deep peace, joy, release from worry and tension or may even drift into a deep sleep during our hour together. The positive effects of a session can last days, weeks or months. 

Reiki Sessions